wedding photography + social justice = the fifty nifty

January 12th, 2011 

Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world; this is our stand against it.

Beginning January 2012, Michelle and I will embark on a year long adventure to: photograph 50 weddings, in 50 states, within 50 weeks, donating $1,000 per wedding to an anti-human trafficking organization, She Dances, for a total of $50,000.  The funds raised through the Fifty Nifty, will assist She Dances in either sustaining their current safe home in Honduras for one year, or allow them to open a new safe home in another place of need.  Each couple we work with, will write a check for $1,000 directly to She Dances, which will create a connection between them and the work being done to fight human trafficking, as well as mobilize a nationwide collaboration to help young girls who are being sexually exploited in Honduras.

The beauty of this project is that it requires action from everyone:

  • Book us to shoot your wedding in 2012.
  • Blog/Tweet/Facebook about the Fifty Nifty
  • Tell your friends, family, and tech savvy children
  • Contact your local media

We really need your help to make the Fifty Nifty a reality and truly appreciate all of your support in this effort to fight human trafficking.  If you want to get involved, book us to photograph your wedding, or if you have any questions, please see our contact info below.

Hope to see you on the road in 2012!


Jonny + Michelle

(click to download fifty nifty.pdf)


phone: 612.568.7480

*The route and dates below are clearly flexible; if you are getting married in 2012 and want your wedding to be a part of the Fifty Nifty, please inquire and we’ll see what we can do!


Fifty Nifty Route:

7th Florida (booked in Georgia)
14th Alabama
21st Tennessee
28th Kentucky

4th Missouri
11th Arkansas
18th Mississippi
25th Louisiana

3rd Texas (booked in Texas)
10th Oklahoma
17th Kansas
24th Colorado (booked in Tennessee)
31st New Mexico

7th Arizona
14th Utah (booked in Nassau, Bahamas)
21st Nevada (booked in Texas)
28th California

5th Oregon
12th Washington (booked in Wisconsin)

19th (booked in Missouri)

20th Idaho (booked in Minnesota)
26th Montana (booked in New York)

28th (booked in Washington)

2nd Wyoming (booked in Toronto)
9th Nebraska (booked in Iowa)
16th S. Dakota (booked in Alaska)
23rd N. Dakota  (booked in South Dakota)
30th Minnesota (booked in Minnesota)

7th Iowa (booked in Wisconsin)
14th Wisconsin (booked in Wisconsin)

15th (booked in California)

21st Illinois
28th Indiana

4th Michigan
11th Ohio
18th W. Virginia
25th Pennsylvania

1st New York
8th Vermont
15th Maine (booked in California)
22nd New Hampshire (booked in New York)
29th Massachusetts (booked in New York)

6th Connecticut
13th Rhode Island
20th New Jersey
27th Delaware

3rd Maryland
10th Washington DC
17th Virginia
24th N. Carolina

1st S. Carolina
8th Georgia
15th Hawaii

Many thanks to…

Joe McMahon for his awesome work on the video.

Lazerbeak for letting us use his song.

John Swee for his amazing design skills.