How long before we receive the images?

Delivery times vary, but generally between 4-8 weeks.

Why are some images black + white vs. color?

Firstly, we use our artistic discretion in determining which option is best for that particular image.

Secondly, depending on the time of day and light we want you to look as classic and timeless as possible and not like an Oompa Loompa which can happen in dark settings with pink/orange uplighting, etc.


We really, truly, get the digital hi-res files?

Absolutely. We want your images to be enjoyed and enjoyed to the fullest; no holding them hostage here. Your hi-res files will be available for download via your private online gallery.

Side-note: When it comes to getting prints made, our personal opinion is that your photos are worth more than those flimsy, glossy, green-tinted Walgreens dandies, which is why you can order beautiful, deep-matte, archival-quality prints from our professional lab, using the ole aforementioned private online gallery. 


How do you accept payment?

We accept checks made out to Paper Antler Ltd. please. 

For the $1,000 retainer, you can also use Venmo: jonny-hoffner


How do I secure my date with you?

Thanks for asking! We require $1,000 at the time of booking. The remaining balance is due on or before your wedding date. 


I see you are 1% for Humanity Members- tell me more!

We certainly are and proud to be so. 1% for Humanity is a movement of individuals and businesses committed to giving at least 1% of their gross annual income to fight absolute, global poverty. 1% has partnered with established, vetted non-profits around the world to support their efforts through grants that focus on epicenters of poverty-related mortality. Learn more at: onepercentforhumanity.org.


Do you have insurance?

Sure do. The one with antlers ironically. 


Do you bring backup gear?

Yes. And backups to those backups. Back home with your files, we then backup the backups of the backups.