About Paper Antler

specializing in seaside, garden, destination and estate weddings for the adventurous, in-love and aesthetically minded since 2008

For the past eleven years we've partnered with the greatest clients in all the land, documenting weddings coast-to-coast and around the globe in an effort to not just deliver images that are unmatched, but a wedding experience that is unmatched as well. 

We believe that genuine photos are created out of genuine connection; as such, a major reason why we love what we do is because we love our clients. We also love marriage and being married and understand the peaks and valleys that come with such a profound union. Through the different twists and turns that life throws your way, we want your photographs to be more than just photographs - we want them to be reminders as to why you fell in love in the first place. That's the beautiful transcendent nature of photography.

There are more options than ever when it comes to choosing a photographer for your wedding - trust us we get it. But we also know that your images are the heirloom and living reminder of your wedding day, so while we may not take ourselves too seriously, we do take the responsibility of delivering timeless images that creatively and honestly represent your relationship quite seriously indeed. 

(Sidenote: We prioritize working with couples who want to work with us; if you're looking for the cheapest deal or getting 100 bids from 100 different photographers, then you may find a better fit elsewhere. But if you're looking to have your wedding-photography-mind blown and have a stellar time all the while, let's chat.) 

We're also members of 1% for Humanity - a movement of individuals and businesses committed to giving at least 1% of their gross annual income to fight absolute, global poverty. 1% has partnered with established, vetted non-profits around the world to support their efforts through grants that focus on epicenters of poverty-related mortality. Learn more at: onepercentforhumanity.org


Perms + Such

We take on a limited number of bookings a year so that our clients receive the best experience and photographs possible, and so that we continue loving photography for the next decade as much as we've loved the previous.  

While we might cost a bit more than our Great Clips counterparts, trust us, the investment is worth it. Ask anyone with a bad perm. 


Origin Story

After graduating from a liberal arts school with a degree in Philosophy/Photography (film!) and International Relations respectively, we saw an opportunity to do wedding photography differently. You see, on the weekends, I (Jonny) would assist and second shoot for photographers and was astounded how rare it was to find a photographer who was both skilled as a photographer and a nice person. From those early moments, Michelle and I have been committed to doing our best damn work possible while also treating our clients with respect and upholding their experience to the utmost. 

Then in 2015 we were fortunate enough to meet Sarah - a beyond kind and compassionate, mega-creative and talented photographer. Now Paper Antler can officially be in two places at once. The future is now.


A Recent Review (or four)

"So these photos are literally the most amazing things I have ever laid my eyes on... you guys have made my dreams come true.  I am completely obsessed!!!!! You guys are truly incredible."

- C+M 


"YOU guys!!  Our photos!!  Seriously!!  

It's about 11AM and I'm still dusting the sleep off my eyes after staying up until 3AM going over all of our photos.  And it's only going to start up again soon once I finish my cup of coffee!  It's a good thing I don't have any patients today:)

Honestly, I wish I could think of a way to convey how incredible we think these are and how incredible we think the two of you are--if only you could be flies on the wall while we rave about you with our family and friends:)  Wait until they all see these photos!! 

Your idea to have me and K walk down an aisle formed by our wedding party on either side was genius--those photos are so funny and so much fun to look at!  You can see so much joy in everyone's faces--it's just awesome. I seriously could go on and on about ALL of them!  

I would say you guys work magic but that wouldn't nearly do you justice...magic isn't real and your skills and talent and love for what you do is very real and simply amazing.  We absolutely will cherish these for the rest of our lives!"

- B+K


"They. are. BEAUTIFUL!!! You are both artists of the most amazing kind. I feel like these pictures completely capture the entire day, you do such amazing work!!!!!! Thank you!!! Oh my. So many people have asked about you, and I sing your praises but your pictures speak for themselves! We LOVE them all!!!! We honestly love every single one. So do our families and friends, and again thank you thank you a million times. You are both amazing. I am rambling and will just say again, THANK YOU!!! When we get over smiling/crying/soaking in each amazing photograph, we will try to decide on photos for a book! Right now I just want every picture framed and hung up wherever I am. 

Again thank you!!"

- S+J


"They truly tell the perfect story of the best day of our lives!!! You two served as way more than photographers for us, your warm and calm energy helped get us through the day!"

- M+S