i have always loved the idea of selling prints. hopefully that doesn’t sound vain; it’s honestly just a huge honor when somebody likes our work enough to buy it and display it. 

over the past 9 years, we’ve participated in art shows + galleries, and have had prints on display at local restaurants + even pixar (which still blows my mind). at one point whilst working a cubicle job right after graduating from college, i set up my desk space as a makeshift gallery to sell prints of mine. that job only lasted six weeks. 

this week marks the one-year anniversary of launching our: site and i can’t express how grateful i am to anyone who has purchased a print or a souvenir and helped spread the word. we sold more prints last year than the previous 8 years combined so thank you, thank you, gracias, thank you. i hope you check back often as we’re adding new work on the regular and if you haven’t visited the site yet, give it a whirl and see some highlights of our precious memories and adventures together. 

for the month of october, if you order a print, i’ll include a free 8x10 of one of my favorite all-time pictures - i’m not saying which one and it’s not on the print shop so it will be a surprise. 

ramble over. thank you. 


jonny hoffner