Michelle of Paper Antler alongside her sister Rachel, a freelance stylist and art director, present to you: 

Strut Sessions

Jonny here. You might be wondering why I'm writing and it's because Michelle and Rachel are much too humble and meek to brag on themselves, so let me brag on them for you.

Michelle has 10 years of rocking with Paper Antler photographing weddings and editorials around the country and even the globe. Basically, she knows how to capture beauty in a timeless, effortless, and artful manner and has the resumé and experience to back it up.

Rachel is not only an art director and stylist, but she is also a signed model so she offers direction and guidance that would make Zoolander blush. She knows what works and what doesn't all the while empowering her subjects.

So basically they're the dream team. They're best friends. Sisters. Photographer and stylist. A creative powerhouse if you will. Boudoir sessions have been tacky and weird for a long while now; it's time for a breath of fresh air and Strut Sessions are here to do just that.

Sessions are limited so be sure to fill out the contact form so you can strut your ish stat.

The lesser half,


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props to Amanda Summers for the beautiful hair & makeup work!