-photography proposal-

Since 2008, we've been traveling the country + globe doing our best to document events in a way that is both artful + creative, while also timeless + enduring; creating images that are vast while also tender. We believe that genuine photos are created out of genuine connection; as such, a major reason why we love what we do is because we love our clients.

It would be an honor to document your celebration + we so appreciate you thinking of us.




Nationally awarded. Internationally published.


all travel costs included

one photographer

Friday the 16th: up to 8-hours of coverage 

Saturday the 17th: up to 14-hours of coverage

Sunday the 18th: up to 4-hours of coverage 

hi-res, processed images and files

(500-1,000 photos)

private online gallery

handmade album - 100 pages





all travel costs included

one photographer

Friday the 16th: unlimited coverage

Saturday the 17th: unlimited coverage

Sunday the 18th: unlimited coverage

hi-res, processed images and files

(750-1,500 photos)

private online gallery

handmade album - 100 pages

40x60 framed piece of original art taken the weekend of the celebration, selected by the client

-gracious words from former clients-

"Oh my goodness, I don't even know where to start - we are totally speechless!! You guys did the most amazing, wonderful, artistic and beautiful job we could have ever hoped for - the photos are GORGEOUS. We absolutely love them(!!!) - the details you guys caught and thought of to catch blew us away. I cannot stop looking at them...no, seriously. Cannot thank you enough.

Simply put, you guys are amazing. So incredibly talented - you guys truly have a gift that I'm touched and grateful you shared with us. We are the ones that are honored to have spent the day with you guys. You exceeded my expectations beyond my wildest imagination. 

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for being the best part of our day (other than getting married of course!). You two are wonderful people, and I literally want to get married again so you guys can come take more pictures. :-) "

- J+A 


"YOU guys!!  Our photos!!  Seriously!!  

It's about 11AM and I'm still dusting the sleep off my eyes after staying up until 3AM going over all of our photos.  And it's only going to start up again soon once I finish my cup of coffee!  It's a good thing I don't have any patients today:)

Honestly, I wish I could think of a way to convey how incredible we think these are and how incredible we think the two of you are--if only you could be flies on the wall while we rave about you with our family and friends:)  Wait until they all see these photos!! 

Your idea to have me and K walk down an aisle formed by our wedding party on either side was genius--those photos are so funny and so much fun to look at!  You can see so much joy in everyone's faces--it's just awesome.

I seriously could go on and on about ALL of them!  It's amazing how so many of the photos of me and K were taken on the 1811 lawn yet you would never guess by looking at them--all of the scenery looks so different and so cool.

I would say you guys work magic but that wouldn't nearly do you justice...magic isn't real and your skills and talent and love for what you do is very real and simply amazing.  We absolutely will cherish these for the rest of our lives!"

- B+K


"They truly tell the perfect story of the best day of our lives!!! You two served as way more than photographers for us, your warm and calm energy helped get us through the day!"

- M+S


"They. are. BEAUTIFUL!!! You are both artists of the most amazing kind. I feel like these pictures completely capture the entire day, you do such amazing work!!!!!! Thank you!!! Oh my. So many people have asked about you, and I sing your praises but your pictures speak for themselves! We LOVE them all!!!! We honestly love every single one. So do our families and friends, and again thank you thank you a million times. You are both amazing. I am rambling and will just say again, THANK YOU!!! When we get over smiling/crying/soaking in each amazing photograph, we will try to decide on photos for a book! Right now I just want every picture framed and hung up wherever I am. 

Again thank you!!"

- S+J


"So these photos are literally the most amazing things I have ever laid my eyes on... you guys have made my dreams come true.  I am completely obsessed!!!!! You guys are truly incredible."

- C+M